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Technology-Driven Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Nigeria

The Conference is designed to provide opportunities for educators, researchers, evaluators, within and outside Nigeria to share innovative ideas on "Technology-Driven Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in Nigeria". This ongoing dialogue is geared towards the improvement of the quality of education and promote national development.


1. Pedagogy and the use of technology for teaching and learning

2. Learners and adjustment to online education

3. Big data and educational research

4. Data gathering and analysis in online education

5. Research in blended learning

6. Teaching, learning and assessment in crisis situation e.g. COVID and IDPS

7. Online and adaptive testing

8. Agricultural education through technology

9. Vocational education/technology in tertiary institutions

10. Technology-driven environmental education

11. Research issues in creativity and artificial intelligence

12. Research and evaluation for entrepreneurial development

Deadline for Submission

Each prospective presenter is expected to submit an abstract of not more than 250 words to any of the following e-mail addresses.

Submission of Abstract: 31st May 2021

Full Paper: 30th June 2021





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